The algorithm is the logic machine behind Internet culture. It drives the digital realm. Data_Divine is five photographic series each of which thinks about algorithms in a different way.

I’m Online shows people in cafés on personal computers. These images have been subjected to an algorithm that manipulates pixels leaving parts of the image untouched while altering other parts with a wipe. Code used to create popular websites appears in the image as well.

Algorithmics are abstractions generated by algorithms working on other algorithms. I make a few choices and then let it rip.

Headline_Binaries are news headlines translated into ones and zeroes enclosed in chip-like shapes.

Tweets are quotes taken from Twitter that have been pixelated and glitched multiple times at different sizes then assembled into a formal layout.

Psychic_Storefronts are photographs of images subjected to algorithmic re-rendering. My thought is algorithms make things real in the same way that language does. It’s all a sort of abracadabra.