The Dream Life of Data


Most often language organizes the world in a functional way, while in the virtual world it’s data that makes things happen. But because data is a type of language, it has the capacity to act otherwise in other realms. It can be playful, or spiritual, or poetic as well.

I’ve constructed these images from visuals generated using text-to-image apps. The text I plug in is not readily parsed by AI algorithms so the results they produce tend to the off-beat. To find a synthesis I navigate intuitively using surprise and recognition as guides. I’m lead by the material and I’m happy to entertain any accidents or artifacts that present themselves along the way.

Working this way I get to access an altered state which I experience as playful, poetic, mysterious, metaphoric and maybe a bit spiritual. I feel The Dream Life of Data provides a sense of release from the tyranny of the instrumental.